Van Elle’s policies underpin everything it does and are driven by the company’s culture and ways of working, setting out its commitment, responsibilities and approach to health and safety, the environment, customers and staff. Policies are subject to frequent review and updated to reflect best practice and changes to legislation.

Policy Documents

POL 001 Drug & Alcohol Policy
POL 002 Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy
POL 003 Business Continuity Manual
POL 004 Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.pdf
POL 005 Customer Care Policy
POL 006 Environmental Policy
POL 007 Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy
POL 008 Modern Slavery Act Transparancy Statement
POL 009 Social Media Policy
POL 010 Sustainability Policy
POL 011 Training & Development Policy
POL 012 Vulnerable Road Users Policy
POL 013 Whistleblowing Policy
POL 014 Worksafe Policy
POL 015 IT & Communications Policy
POL 016 Quality Policy
POL 017 Anti-Bullying & Harassment Policy
POL 018 Occupational Health & Safety Policy
POL 019 Fatigue Policy
POL 020 Training & Assessment Centre – Complaints Policy & Procedure
POL 021 Mobile Phone Policy
POL 022 Conflict of Interest Policy for CITB Training
POL 023 Anti-Fraud, Malpractice & Maladministration Policy for CITB Training
POL 024 Terms of Use of Van Elle Website
POL 025 Privacy Policy – Van Elle Website